The Nihonjinkai was started many years ago by Yoko Breckenridge to provide friendship and fellowship for people of Japanese descent living in Minnesota. Many of the original members came to America as "war brides" who had married American soldiers during America's occupation of Japan from 1945-1952. Some of these people, including Yoko, are still proud members today. Over the years, the Nihonjinkai has expanded to embrace both people of Japanese heritage and those who want to volunteer to support the welfare of Japanese elders in Minnesota. This remains a Japanese-speaking group, but we have a number of English speaking volunteers who love Japanese culture and want to help.


We have many different activities. Every second Monday of the month, we meet at the Japanese Library on Bloomington Avenue for food and fellowship. On Saturdays, volunteers meet to help take care of the library. We also have a craft circle, children's events at the library, and three major yearly events: the Garage Sale in May, the Lantern Festival in August in Como Park, and the Shinnenkai (hosted by JASM) in January. Please stop by our Garage Sale (see the Events page for more information), and visit our booths at the Lantern Festival and the Shinnenkai. We sell kimono, Japanese antiques, and many beautiful cards and crafts.