About the Nihonjin-kai
Japanese Library
Getting Involved

The Nihonjinkai is a group for Japanese, Japanese-Americans and anyone who wants to enjoy and support the Japanese community in Minnesota.


The Nihonjinkai was started many years ago by Yoko Breckenridge to provide friendship and fellowship for people of Japanese descent living in Minnesota. Many of the original members came to America as "war brides" who had married American soldiers during America's occupation of Japan from 1945-1952. Some of these people, including Yoko, are still proud members today. Over the years, the Nihonjinkai has expanded to embrace both people of Japanese heritage and those who want to volunteer to support the welfare of Japanese elders in Minnesota. This remains a Japanese-speaking group, but we have a number of English speaking volunteers who love Japanese culture and want to help.


The Spirit of Volunteerism

The Nihonjinkai does not collect dues. We do many fun activities   It is free to join, but those who are able are requested to help out by caring for the members of the group, volunteering at our two yearly events, and taking care of the Japanese Library, the building where we meet.


A message from Yoko Breckenridge, founder of the Nihonjinkai

I started the Nihonjinkai because I noticed that  Japanese elders need a place to gather, talk, laugh and enjoy traditional food and fellowship. It's my way of saying, "Thank-You" for all of the friendship and help I've received over the years. We welcome new members. If you help someone today, you will be surrounded by friends in the future.

Let's Support our Japanese Seniors!